Coockie policy

Full Information Note on the Use of Cookies

Pursuant to Article 13 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Personal Data Protection Code), Acea S.p.A. hereby provides the following information relating to the cookies used on the domain and its sub-domains or other domains accessible through the Website.

Cookies are small strings of text (usually made up of letters and numbers) that allow a website to recognize a particular device or browser; in fact, these text files are sent by a website to a user’s browser, stored on the user’s device (e.g. computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) and sent back to the same website during that user’s subsequent visit.

There are different types of cookies, which express different characteristics and that can be classified as:

session cookies, which are deleted immediately when the web browser is closed (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.).
persistent cookies, which - unlike session cookies - remain on the device and continue to be functional even after the browser is closed and until a certain period of time has passed
first-party cookies which are cookies generated and managed by the operator of the website which the user is browsing
third-party cookies, which are generated and managed by parties other than the operator of the website which the user is browsing (usually pursuant to a contract between the website owner and the third party).

These types of cookies can be grouped into two functional macro-categories:

  • Technical cookies, they are generally needed to ensure the proper operation of the website and to allow browsing; without them the party browsing may not be able to properly display the pages, or use some of its services. For example, a technical cookie is essential to keep the user connected throughout its visit to a website or to save the language settings, display settings, and so on. These cookies can be divided into: navigation or session cookies, which support the normal browsing and use of the website; analytics cookies, similar to technical cookies when used to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the website; functionality cookies, that allow a user to browse according to a set of selected criteria (e.g. language setting) in order to improve the service provided.
    The user’s consent is not required for the installation and use of technical cookies.
  • Profiling cookies, that are used to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user as part of browsing for which the user’s consent is needed to be installed. They are divided into: First-party cookies, cookies installed by the operator of the website the user is visiting. (This website does NOT use first-party  browsing cookies); Third-party cookies, cookies installed by the operator of another website on behalf of the website which the user is browsing (such as those related to the presence of "Social plugins" such as those of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc...). Acea S.p.A. is not able to exert any specific control on these operators and related cookies. The links provided below can be used to obtain information on these cookies, on their characteristics and on how they work and provide specific consent, or the third party can be contacted directly. The use of third-party cookies can normally be blocked by the user through the appropriate option in their browser: subject see the information below.

This website uses:

  • technical cookies, to ensuring proper accessibility of the website’s content;
  • third-party cookies as anonymous and aggregate analysis tool on the behaviour of visitors to the website itself, namely: Google Analytics.

The characteristics of the cookies used on the Website are shown in the table below

Cookie name




Adobe can create a cookie that reflects whether the user has given his/her consent 




Both Hybris and Adobe may overwrite the language option each time the customer changes the language. 

The most recent language setting is stored in a persistent cookie 




Only Hybris can create this cookie. Adobe uses it only to show the welcome message.




 It is a system cookie of an application server (AEM uses Jetty) and is generated when a server starts a  session.



Below are links to the personal data processing policies of third parties where the user can express its consent to their installation. If the user makes no choice and decides to go ahead and browse this website, it implies the user’s consent to the use of such cookies.

* AddThis
**Google analytics


The user can block or delete (in whole or in part) cookies also using specific browser functions: However, if all or some of these technical cookies are disabled the website may become unusable or certain services or certain features of the website may not be available or may not work properly and/or the user need to change or manually enter some information or preferences upon each visit to the website.

Users seeking more information on how to set preferences concerning the use of cookies in their web browser, can refer to the instructions of each:

Internet Explorer

The Data Controller is ACEA S.p.A. which has its legal head office and management offices in Piazzale Ostiense, 2 - 00154 Rome, Italy; tel. +39 06 57 991. 

The data collected using cookies can be processed by employees and agents of Acea S.p.A. acting as persons appointed to process data or as Data Processors. These data may also be processed by companies we trust that perform technical and organizational tasks on our behalf. These firms directly cooperate with us and act as Data Processors. The full list of Data Processors is constantly updated and is available on request to be sent to the addresses specified below. The data collected using Google cookies may be transferred outside the European Union, specifically to the United States of America. The data collected using cookies will not be disclosed.

Users may, at any time, request information on the processing of their personal data, obtain the updating, correction or addition thereto and obtain the deletion, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of unlawfully processed data and oppose the processing of their data pursuant to art. 7 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003.

Users must contact the Data Controller to exercise their rights. Requests must be sent:

  • By e-mail to: an address dedicated exclusively to receive messages regarding privacy issues
  • or by post to: Acea S.p.A. at its legal head office and management offices located in Piazzale Ostiense, 2 - 00154 Rome, Italy.