ESG Analysts

ESG Analysts’ opinion on Acea

Acea has also been chosen for inclusion in the valut Ethibel Excellence investment register since January 2015. The analyst states that: “this selection on the part of the Ethibel Forum indicates that the company is an aboveaverage operator in its sector in terms of corporate social responsibility”.

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), an international organisation supported by over 800 investors, whose mission is to promote the transparent disclosure of data on the question of managing climate change by the world’s biggest corporations, publishes each year a ranking of Italian companies working to achieve this goal. Acea has always participated in this survey, and in 2015 too posted notable performances.

In 2015 Oekom Research carried out a complete update of the Acea ESG profile. Following objections raised against Acea by AGCM at the end of the year, regarding some unfair business practices in the electricity sector, against which Acea has lodged an appeal, the agency lowered its rating to C+ (from last year’s B-).

According to Kempen Capital Management, which has monitored the Group since 2005, Acea continues to demonstrate commitment to corporate social responsibility, which justifies its inclusion in the Sustainable Investment Universe also in 2015. There were also other opportunities for encounters and interaction between Acea and operators in sustainable and responsible financing, stimulated by requests for deeper studies, and for support in development of benchmarks, ratings and investment evaluations, in particular from Symphonia SGR and Vigeo.