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The CDP Climate Leadership Awards and Report Launch 2016 took place on 25 October at the Intesa Sanpaolo conference hall, in collaboration with Borsa Italiana. Acea more than confirmed the already excellent performances recorded in recent years, indeed it raised its score from 99B to A-, resulting in a “promotion” to the top division, according to the new CDP scoring method, in recognition for its efforts in combating climate change. For over a decade the initiative has been supported by a pool of international investors, now totalling 827, managing assets of 100 trillion dollars. Around 2,000 enterprises have been analysed worldwide, and the best in class have been identified as regards the strategic and operational management of climate change-related risks and impacts. This year the Report sought to underscore the link between progress made by enterprises and the objectives approved by 195 Nations through the COP21 Paris agreement, the main target of which is to limit to 2°C the rise in global planetary temperature vis-à-vis preindustrial levels. The results of the 42 Italian enterprises analysed, making up 69% of market capitalisation of the top 100 domestic companies, showed a broad distribution in scoring classes, ranging from D- to A, or from disclosure to leadership. About 55% of respondents were between level C and level B (awareness andmanagement grades), testimony to a growing awareness among enterprises about the topic of climate change, which in some cases is evolving towards a greater management capacity when tackling climate and environmental-related risks.

The Utilities area was the industrial sector that posted the best CDP scores.

Click to view the document “CDP Climate Change Report 2016, Italian Edition”

On 28 January 2016 the results of the IV edition of the Top Utility Analysis were presented, giving awards to Italy’s best Utility companies for the various categories considered. The event was held in Rome, at the Fontana di Trevi Congress Centre, during the conference The transformation of utilities in a changing Italy, organised and promoted by Utilitalia. The initiative sets out to evaluate the system of Italian Public Utilities and its level of integrated economic, financial, social and environmental sustainability, “highlighting areas of excellence as well as criticalities”. The summary of results states: “Economic and financial results have held up despite a negative economic and sectoral context, and growing attention has been paid to environmental issues, and to transparency and communication with stakeholders”. In the analysis, conducted by Althesys, the top 100 Italian Utilities (both public and private) in terms of sales revenue were considered, with the examination of 186 parametersregarding the financial situation over the past three years, operational management, communication, social and environmental sustainability, relations with consumers and the local area, technologies and innovation. “The top 100 Italian Utilities posted turnover of around 120bn euro in 2014, about 7.4% of Italian GDP, and employed more than 131,000 workers. They reflect the structure of the sector and, as a whole, they accounted for 56% of electricity generated in Italy, 35% of collected municipal waste and 63% of distributed water”. This year Acea was awarded the RSE prize for the category Technology, research and innovation,recognising the efforts and results obtained with innovative processes and the use of cutting-edge technologies. Other finalists were Cap Holding, Edison, Hera and Iren. Acea was also a finalist in the category Sustainability, alongside A2A, Aimag, Edison and the winner Cap Holding, and in the category Energy efficiency, together with Acque, A2A, Marche Multiservizi and eventual winner Enel. Two of the finalists for the top prize this year, awarded to Marche Multiservizi, were Acque and Publiacqua, both belonging to the Acea Group.

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