The Stakeholders

In keeping with the values set out in the Code of Ethics, Acea engages in dialogue and open debate in order to promote an engagement approach by its stakeholders, thereby enhancing opportunities for shared value creation. The identification of the various types of stakeholders and the analysis and management of their interaction with the company are all activities that the company performs on an ongoing basis, driven by business momentum and objectives and well as by stimuli from outside, such as the requests submitted by the stakeholders.

1 IDENTIFICATION PHASE: this step enables the identification of people who are directly or indirectly involved in the company’s activities, in order to assess the qualitative and quantitative level of their impact.
2 ANALYSIS PHASE: this step is used to assess, in a structured manner, the interactions that take place between the company and the stakeholders and among the stakeholders, in order to develop a path for dialogue and accountability.
3 MANAGEMENT PHASE: this step leads to the definition of replies to the requests submitted by the stakeholders or the company in order to pursue the achievement of company goals consistent with stakeholders' expectations.